Flight Simulator

Enjoy a ride on India's first 4D Motion Simulator. This 14 seater simulator shows 3D movies, which one can only experience and feel the thrill.

Mennen Aviation & Hospitality Ltd has recently added to its portfolio the skills of an established world leader in the design, manufacture and development of simulation attractions for the entertainment industry worldwide through collaboration with a company which is specialized in this field. With technology that have broken entirely new ground in terms of styling, ergonomics, as well as raising the threshold of operational reliability and build quality, MAHL is set to take the entertainment sector by storm.


  • Choice of 180 degree Cylindrical, curved or flat screen.
  • Multi seats with drop and vibration.
  • Additional 5D effects: Wind, aroma, leg ticklers, smoke, show lighting etc.
  • 4D motion, vision and surround sound.
  • Packaged or bespoke solutions including 'content' production.
  • The Entertaintment Division of MAHL provides innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of Theme Parks
  • Entertainment Zones / FEC's
  • Retail Malls
  • Museums
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Hotels
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