King Schools has been the world's leading producer of computer-based aviation courses and interactive software for over three decades. These are computer-based ground school programmes. We take complex information, and make it clear, simple and fun to learn.

Main advantage of this learning system is that any person having an interest in flying can take this course along with their ongoing studies. Especially good for STUDENTS , studying in class IX onwards, as they can complete the basic course and parents can know the aptitude before enrolling directly in flying schools after XII , which are very expensive. Other advantages include:

  • An ability to learn at your own pace in your own time, e.g. during Holidays, after work hours etc.
  • An ability to revise and review the material whenever you needed
  • Save on travel and accommodation costs;
  • Cost effective as compared to ground school training provided by flying schools.
  • An ability to track the progress and analyze the longer term training progress and solve the obstacles to improvement

The learning is reinforced by answering actual FAA Private Pilot test questions that follow each segment of instruction. One can even take unlimited practice tests from the entire test question bank!

  • Clear explanations, exciting in-flight video, fully-interactive private pilot questions
  • Learn by watching full-screen, bite-sized video segments, averaging 5 minutes in length
  • Save on travel and accommodation costs;
  • Receive instant feedback- if you have answered correctly or not
  • Immediately access answer explanations, if needed
  • Retake missed questions on the spot
  • See your progress through the course with automatic tracking
  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses with intuitive reports & charts
  • Review FAA questions by any combination of subject area, questions missed, FAA Learning Statement Code, or questions not yet answered
  • Take unlimited random practice exams

As the course is computer based, you can do the course as per your convenience anytime, anywhere.

The subject areas covered include:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft performance
  • Airspace
  • Communications & Radar Services
  • How to read & understand sectional charts
  • Flight Operations
  • FAA regulations
  • Safe Flight Operations
  • Navigation
  • Weight and Balance
  • How to Ace Your Test

Once you are done with the course, you would be thorough with the knowledge required to ace the FAA exams for getting your flying license.

You would be getting your course kits within 30-45 days after placing the order with us.

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